What is Webcasting?

Webcasting is the broadcast of either a live or pre-recorded (on-demand) Event over the Internet. Typically a Webcast is one-way, from the speaker to the audience with limited participant interaction, and may involve the use of streaming audio, video, Q&A, Polls, and slide presentations.

Participants connect through a web link, watch Slide Presentations and Streaming Video, while listening to Streaming Audio of the presenter (via one-way VoIP) over their computers speakers.

In some cases, the presenter may provide Teleconferencing over a standard phone line, while pointing out information being presented on-screen. A participant would choose either streaming audio (VoIP), or Teleconferencing, but not both, as there is a time lag with VoIP.  Many Webcasting products offer scalable solutions that can reach from 100’s to 1,000’s of people.

A Webcast may be live, or recorded and hosted on-line, available for “On-Demand” viewing.

What is a Webinar? -  A Webinar is a Seminar over the Web that typically uses Webcasting.

Web Conferencing and Webcasting Compared

Web Conferencing Webinars (Webcasting)
Audience sizeup to 125up to thousands
PurposeCollaborative meetingsEvents or Presentations
AudioPhone (2 way audio)Streaming audio and integrated audio
Downloads RequiredSome platforms require a plug-in downloadNo download necessary
Interactive featuresExtensiveLess Extensive (PowerPoint Q&A / Polls / Surveys)
Video integrationWebcam (some offer multi webcams)Video of Presenter
SchedulingAd Hoc or scheduledScheduled
Cost modelLicensing or per participant feePer event fee, Licensing or per participant fee