Webinars and Webcasting

Typically a Webinar streams audio and video one-way, from the speaker to the audience with limited participant interaction, and to a larger audience. Our Webinar solutions offer an audience of up to 1000 participants.

Some Webinars may require more interactivity, involving the use of streaming audio, video, Q&A, Polls, and slide presentations. To help you determine the best Webinar solution for your needs, refer to the chart below:

Our Recommended Webinar Solutions

Webinar SolutionsPriceCompetitive Advantage
AdobeConnectProBasic Connect Pro Meeting at $500 annual per license (5 user minimum) 100 capacity.
Add-on module "Seminar Room" up to 400 added attendees
$2000 for a one-time event Boost valid for 30 days. Annual contract pricing for Seminar Room is also available. call us.

- User Friendly
Flash Based
- Added Modules
- Loaded Features
- Managed Support

Built on Adobe Flash- based technology with similar features to Adobe Connect Pro. Features Hi-Resolution video. True audio phone connectivity and VOIP audio Included in the price at $299/mo for up to 500 attendees. Pricing is scalable for smaller attendee capacity needs. No annual contracts is required.

- Best value
- Hi- Res Video
Adobe Flash
-Max 500 seats

Start Visuals is built on an IBM platform with a simplified interface created for the PowerPoint presenter. Capacity up to 1000 attendees priced at $250/mo. pricing includes toll access phone connectivity and VOIP [ pc to pc ] audio. Pricing is scalable for smaller capacity needs. No annual Contracts required.

- User friendly
Built for PowerPoint
up to 1000 seats
Best Price

Webex Event Platform allows up to 500 capacity.
$525/mo billed monthly with an annual agreement.
Or, $425/mo if pre-paid annually.
Up to 1000 capacity is $660/mo or $530/mo if prepaid annually.

- Best built in Registration
Best security features

On24 is for large webcast events with audio and video streaming live or pre-recorded. Many features and extras customized to your needs with expert consulting and event management. Call for Custom price quotes.

- Excellent Webcast Event Solution
- Managed from start to finish
- Customizable Solution

Web Conferencing and Webinars (Webcasting) Compared

Web Conferencing Webinars (Webcasting)
Audience sizeup to 125up to thousands
PurposeCollaborative meetingsEvents or Presentations
AudioPhone (2 way audio)Streaming audio and integrated audio
Downloads RequiredSome platforms require a plug-in downloadNo download necessary
Interactive featuresExtensiveLess Extensive (PowerPoint Q&A / Polls / Surveys)
Video integrationWebcam (some offer multi webcams)Video of Presenter
SchedulingAd Hoc or scheduledScheduled
Cost modelLicensing or per participant feePer event fee, Licensing or per participant fee

Free Web Conferencing and Webinar Consulting and Support

  • We can assist you in getting lower rates than the standard rack rates you would normally get by calling 800# sales lines
  • We offer free Technical Support for both Web and Audio together (both are required for Webinars). Other providers charge extra for the audio service and support
  • We are Vendor Independent, No-Obligation, Web Conferencing Consultants that will always advise you of the best Web Conferencing solution to meet your companies requirements
  • Value Added Service – we offer an added guarantee to help resolve any service issues with our chosen vendors.

If you prefer to call, we will be happy to answer your questions about any web conferencing service.

Getting Affordable Web Conferencing and Webinar Pricing

We not only help you determine the best Web Conferencing Solution to match your needs, but we can also assist you in getting affordable web conferencing pricing through our Wholesale Rates Program, (ie. lower rates than the standard rates found everywhere else on the net). We can do this because we have been selling audio, web and video conferencing services for over 10 years in Wholesale relationships with all the major providers. This translates into getting “non-advertised rates” for you instead of the standard rack rates you would normally get by calling 800# sales lines.