WebExWebEx is both a “Full Featured” and  an “Event” Web Conferencing Solution. Incorporate WebEx Meeting Center™ and WebEx Event Center™ into your business process and empower your workforce with online collaboration.  Conduct regular meetings between geographically scattered staff members. Hold lively creative sessions with your marketing and advertising teams. Make WebEx available to every department and watch productivity soar.

Why We Like WebEx Web Conferencing

  • Reliable time tested product – strong brand recognition
  • Security – Meeting content resides on the WEBEX MediaTone Network in a dynamic switched network via a logical connection; there is no peer-to-peer connection between the local machines.  WEBEX also uses the standard 128 bit SSL encryption tunnel for data transfer.
  • Cross Platform compatibility
  • Well implemented Screensharing “My Meeting Window” – allows presenter to share screen with participants
  • Persistent URL - allows a user to create a personalized, persistent meeting room, like a personal telephone number or an office extension

Some things we don’t like about WebEx

  • Requires a download for participants (Meeting Manager)
  • No Multiple Host, only one at a time, but Host can “Pass the Baton” to another presenter
  • to watch recording of meeting requires a proprietary viewer

Full Featured Web Conferencing Solution

  • Access all the advanced features of Full Featured Web Conferencing including presentation, application and desktop sharing, remote control, video, chat, recording and more
  • Leverage fully integrated audio conferencing
  • Enjoy unlimited web conferencing with per-participant, per-minute pricing that allows you to meet as often as you want, for as long as you need
  • Simplify by getting one bill, and having one customer support number for both audio and web conferencing
  • Record, Edit and Playback Meetings for future reference, training or demonstrations
  • Manage many meeting functions with control panels (with separate attendee and host views) behind the scenes without distracting anyone using “PowerPanels™”


Key Features and Benefits of WebEx Meeting Center

  • Share Documents, Applications or Desktops – Share and control documents, applications or desktops remotely in real-time, without uploading files to a server. Collaborate on content as you view, annotate and enlarge documents or graphics. Switch between different sharing modes without transitions or distractions.
  • Rich Multimedia Experience – Engage your audience by incorporating multi-media into your presentations: PowerPoint™, Flash™ animations, and audio and video.
  • Integrated Telephony and VoIP – Keep conversation flowing with integrated audio. Choose toll or toll-free teleconferencing with call-in or call-back options, or VoIP.
  • Active Talker – Identify who is speaking by a flashing icon in the meeting participant panel.
  • Video and Video Conferencing – Give your attendees a real-time visual reference. Simulate face-to-face meetings with participants from multiple locations with multi-point video.
  • Record, Edit and Playback Meetings – Record meetings and applications for future reference, training or demonstrations. (Although playback requires a proprietary viewer)
  • Desktop Integration Suite – Initiate meetings instantly from MS Office™, MS Outlook™, Lotus Notes and various instant messaging solutions.
  • One-Click Meeting Access – Start a meeting and invite attendees instantly from your desktop.
  • Cross-Platform Support – Meet with anyone without worrying about what operating system they use. WebEx offers unmatched support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.
  • WebEx MediaTone™ Performance and Reliability – Conduct multi-point interactive meetings worldwide – without latency interruptions. MediaTone™ Network is a private global network. No new hardware or software is required, making it easy to implement and easy to scale as your needs change. The MediaTone Network offers better than 99.9% reliability, as well as robust security.
  • Switched Network and 128-bit SSL Encryption – Hold even your most confidential meetings with complete confidence.
  • PowerPoint Notes Panel – Allows presenter to privately view MS PowerPoint notes as a panel while sharing presentations.
  • Email and IM Integration/Quick Start Meetings – Easily send invitations and reminders to a meeting through your local email solution or IM reminders through WebEx AIM Pro.
  • Global Integrated Audio with local conference access in over 80 countries

We also Recommend WebEx for “Events” (WebEx Event Center)

When your Web Conference is important enough that you desire the assurance of problem free connection with an Operated Assisted call or the size of your meeting exceeds 125 (up to 3000) participants, you can use WebEx Event Center as your Web Conferencing Solution.

WebEx Event Center allows customizable features to reflect your company’s image to your audiences, and adds live operator greeting and screening for unmatched event management expertise.   Customized event registration, track answers to qualifying questions and upload to CRM systems for fast sales follow-up.  Lead-Source tracking and automated lead scoring identify your highest quality and most cost-effective lead sources.  Cross-Platform Support Conduct or participate in events from Windows, Mac, Linux or Solaris operating systems.

WebEx Event Center Product Benefits:

  • Unmatched event management expertise
  • Some of the highest levels of security screening in the industry and with 99.95% error-free performance
  • Customizable features reflect you and your company’s image and enable you to meet legal and regulatory constraints
  • iCalendar Support Simply schedule and join using MS OutlookTM calendar integration
  • Registration and Reporting Customize event registration, track answers to qualifying questions and upload to CRM systems for fast sales follow-up
  • Lead-Source Tracking and Automated Lead Scoring Identify your highest quality and most cost-effective lead sources
  • Record, Edit and Playback Record events for reuse and review. Post seminar recordings to pull in more leads
  • Synchronized web and voice recordings
  • The ability to mute all participants with one comman
  • Security features (lock call, optional extra security codes)
  • Custom conference greetings recorded by you
  • 24/7 Live Assistance – simply press *0 on your phone for both web and audio support

“We have increased platinum membership for our web site from 15 to over 300 since implementing Event Center. that’s a revenue stream of one million dollars that we didn’t have before, and that doesn’t even include non-members who pay on a per show basis.” – David Johnson, Manager of Business Development, Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc.

Why buy WebEx through us?

  • We can assist you in getting Wholesale Rates, lower rates than the standard rack rates you would normally get by calling WebEx’s 800# sales lines (see our Wholesale Rates Page)
  • We offer free Technical Support for both WebEx Web and Audio together (both are required for Web Conferencing)
  • We are Vendor Independent, No-Obligation, Web Conferencing Consultants that will always advise you of the best Web Conferencing solution to meet your companies requirements