MicroSoft LiveMeeting

A versatile Full Featured Internet Conferencing Solution for small meetings to large events. If your company is dedicated to using Microsoft Office Products, the Web Conferencing Store recommends Microsoft LiveMeeting.

Why We Like MicroSoft LiveMeeting

  • Cost Effective (5 license minimum)
  • Can mix and match Standard and Pro features
  • Roundtable WebCam for conference room view
  • User friendly for Microsoft product users
  • Simple Interface (good for beginners)
  • Recording is integrated and easy (used Window Media Files – so easy to find editor)
  • License model allows easy expansion of capacity for Events (250 Standard, 1250 Pro)

Some things we don’t Like about MicroSoft LiveMeeting

  • Presenter Windows only and limited participant interface on Mac
  • Video streaming can be glitchy
  • WebCam is only 1 to 1 (can “pass the baton” for presenter)
  • No persistent Document Library (only per session)

Tight Integration with other Microsoft Products

MS LiveMeeting, being a Microsoft product naturally has tight integration with all of its product lines (Such as Outlook, PowerPoint etc). Some companies prefer to take advantage of such integration, so MS Live Meeting is a recommended solution.

  1. Easily launched from any Microsoft program or application, MicroSoft LiveMeeting lets you instantly begin document sharing, recording meetings and interacting with your audience.

Schedule web conferences right from Outlook or Lotus Notes to make planning even easier. Download  the Microsoft® Office Live Meeting Outlook Add-In and add a toolbar into Outlook. From there, you can schedule conferences just like any other Outlook meetings.

A versatile product,  it can support small-to-medium sized groups for everyday instant or scheduled meetings. And, when needed, can scale up for larger events or web seminars handling larger numbers of participants that require dedicated operators and event management.

More Features We Like

  • The integration with RoundTable (360 degree WebCam)
  • Pay-per-call pricing
  • Direct dial-In
  • Full-service operator assistance available
  • Microsite URL with company logo and colors
  • No preregistration required
  • Enhanced screening features
  • Whiteboarding and annotation
  • Interactive annotation tools
  • Application sharing
  • Real-time Q&A
  • Meeting reports
  • 24/7 operator assistance
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Why buy MicroSoft LiveMeeting through us?

  • We can assist you in getting Wholesale Rates, lower rates than the standard rack rates you would normally get by calling LiveMeeting’s 800# sales lines (see our Wholesale Rates Page)
  • We offer free Technical Support for both MicroSoft LiveMeeting Web and Audio together (both are required for Web Conferencing)
  • We are Vendor Independent, No-Obligation, Web Conferencing Consultants that will always advise you of the best Web Conferencing solution to meet your companies requirements