LotusLive Meetings

LotusLiveIBM LotusLive Meetings is the Web Conferencing component of IBM’s portfolio of online services which include Web Conferencing (Lotus Live Meetings and Lotus Live Events), Collaboration (LotusLive Engage and LotusLive Connections), and Email (LotusLive Notes and LotusLive iNotes).

If your business is already using some of IBM’s other online collaboration tools, or you are looking for a cloud-based solution that integrates Web Conferencing with social networking for business, dedicated storage, and realtime collaboration tools, IBM LotusLive Meetings may be for you.

Why We Like LotusLive Meetings

  • good for business solutions that in addition to Web Conferencing, require a unified platform that integrates other collaboration tools, such as managing ongoing projects online, sharing and contributing to common documents, publishing shared project information, as well as business networking and instant messaging.

Some things We Don’t Like About LotusLive Meetings

  • Does not provide a whiteboard feature
  • Does not provide VoIP

Uniqueness of LotusLive

LotusLive Meetings on its own, offers many features of a Full Featured Web Conferencing solution (see our Feature Comparison Page). But when LotusLive Meetings is combined with other collaborating tools of the Lotus product line, we see a unique tight integration that goes beyond meetings to ongoing virtual online team collaboration.

Besides Web Conferencing, the combination and integration of tools that allow ongoing team collaboration through “cloud” office networks, instant messaging, social networking for business, and dedicated storage, makes good business sense. We feel that this is a direction that Web Conferencing will continue to evolve.

Although the biggest advantage of LotusLive is in its collaboration with other tools of the Lotus product line, there are presently some cross platform compatibility limitations with some of these tools.

Why buy LotusLive through us?

  • We can assist you in getting Wholesale Rates, lower rates than the standard rack rates you would normally get by calling LotusLive 800# sales lines (see our Wholesale Rates Page)
  • We offer free Technical Support for both LotusLive Web and Audio together (both are required for Web Conferencing)
  • We are Vendor Independent, No-Obligation, Web Conferencing Consultants that will always advise you of the best Web Conferencing solution to meet your companies requirements