GlobalMeet_2014GlobalMeetGlobalMeet has our attention because at $49.00 per month, including 10,000 audio minutes per month (or $34.00 per month web only), the price point competes with the cheapest services, but delivers superior performance of a full featured web conferencing solution. Check out our “Head to Head” comparison with GoToMeeting. We like the way GlobalMeet integrates with Outlook® which allows you to schedule meetings, and easily manage your audio conference or web conference from your desktop. You can accommodate an International meeting by quickly adding a Global Access number to your Outlook invitation launch. GlobalMeet’s Flash based technology means no software downloads or installs for your guests.  New features, and improved video streaming is still coming, so this service will only get better.

Why We Like GlobalMeet

  • Most affordably priced full featured unlimited web conferencing available
  • Easy to use intuitive interface with everything you need for audio and web conferencing
  • Excellent Outlook integration to start or schedule a web conference or simple audio conference from your PC’s  ‘Outlook’ tool bar and calendar
  • GlobalMeet also includes an ‘auto dial out’ feature to connect your international guests to your conference
  • Guests are not required to download software, (no participant download required)
  • high resolution screen share
  • capacity of 125 participants (expanding to 300 soon)
  • one click record for audio and web
  • Guests can join and access meeting via mobile device (iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other mobile devices coming)


Affordable, Full Featured, and Easy to Use

GlobalMeet offers the most affordable full featured web conferencing available at $49.00 per month ($34.00 per month web only). You get an unlimited usage monthly subscription price that beats any other web conferencing solution for features and performance at this price. GlobalMeet offers an easy to use interface with the full range of web conferencing features: 100% cross platform, excellent Outlook integration, PowerPoint, webcams, chat, Q&A, Polling, file sharing, applications sharing,  whiteboards, annotation tools, collaborative Web browsing, and file transfer.

The designers of GlobalMeet assumed that most people like to organize their meetings from within Outlook, and the Outlook plugin is very good.  “Start My Meeting”,  “Schedule My Meeting”, “Account Settings” buttons are accessible anywhere from within the Outlook interface, and integrates tightly with the Outlook Calendar.

International Conferences couldn’t be easier to schedule and execute. By simply clicking on “Schedule My Meetings” from within Outlook, you can customize the phone access for invited guests from a list of USA and International TollFree and Local Connect numbers. “Schedule My Meetings” will populate the Conference date and time on your Outlook Calendar, and forward the customized invitation with the designated Dial-in Phone Access number prior to the scheduled meeting. You can also set up your meeting with the Auto Dial-Out feature to connect with all guests from anywhere in the world and bring them into the conference for you.  This is the best Outlook Integration meeting tool that we have seen.

The high resolution screen sharing feature is also one of the best we have seen.  You will appreciate the advantage of high resolution in many web conferencing features, such as application sharing, desktop sharing and whiteboarding.

Other features we liked

A unique feature that we haven’t seen in any other web conferencing solution is how the current speaker is automatically seen in the video pane triggered by the audio of the participant who is speaking. Instead of being distracted by many video panes, only the person who is speaking will automatically show up in the one video pane. Although there is a bit of a delay, the process seemed to work well and kept the focus on the present speaker.

Why buy GlobalMeet through us?

  • We offer free Technical Support for both Web and Audio together (both are required for Web Conferencing).
  • We are Vendor Independent, No-Obligation, Web Conferencing Consultants that will always advise you of the best Web Conferencing solution to meet your companies requirements
  • Value Added Service – we offer an added guarantee to help resolve any service issues