WebPresentNow is a simple, easy to use, convenient, straight-forward web conferencing service, that will meet the needs of a “Basic” user. If you need a basic solution that is the most cost effective, pay as you go monthly, with unlimited web meetings, (but no more than 1 host and 10 participants in a meeting) we recommend WebPresentNow.

Why We Like WebPresentNow

  • Attendees do not need to download software, only to have a web browser
  • Web conferencing tools are easy to use
  • With flat-rate web conferencing pricing you can use WebPresentNow as much as you like for one low monthly fee
  • Cost effective

Things We Don’t Like About WebPresentNow

  • No Auto-Dial Out
  • No VoIP
  • No Q&A or Polling
  • No App Sharing
  • No Remote Control or Share Web Page feature

WebPresentNow is Simple

  • Meeting attendees do not need to download software, only to have a web browser and Flash®
  • There is no need to upload content to a conferencing server. Copper Conferencing hosts the meeting but your content stays local
  • There is no cost to attendees, only the host pays the low monthly flat fee
  • Web conferencing tools are easy to use. You can share slides, documents and your desktop
  • Edit and whiteboard documents with meeting participants.
  • Toll-free voice conferencing is included with each subscription (additional charges apply).
  • Unlimited web conferencing allows you to hold 10 or 10,000 meetings a year for one low price.

Compare WebPresentNow with other solutions

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Why buy WebPresentNow through us?

  • We can assist you in getting Wholesale Rates, lower rates than the standard rack rates you would normally get by calling 800# sales lines (see our Wholesale Rates Page)
  • We offer free Technical Support for both Web and Audio together (both are required for Web Conferencing).
  • We are Vendor Independent, No-Obligation, Web Conferencing Consultants that will always advise you of the best Web Conferencing solution to meet your companies requirements
  • Value Added Service – we offer an added guarantee to help resolve any service issues