Start Video

Start Video for webinar events up to 500 Attendees

StartVideo2Start Video is a feature-rich alternative to Adobe Connect Pro for Webinar events.

Start Video is built on Adobe flash technology and has the same customizable screen layouts,  multiple simultaneous video screens, text chat, polling, and full feature recording.

Integrated high resolution Video with integrated Full duplex audio (built-in Premium PSTN phone connection bridging), also equipped with VOIP audio (via your PC) .

We like the price of Start Video

If you are in the market for large Webinars or Webcasting, the price of Start Video wins hands down compared to Adobe Connect Pro Seminar Room. Adobe Connect Pro requires an add-on module to accommodate over 100 attendees capacity called “Seminar Room”. These Adobe Seminar Rooms are expensive and would cost a few thousand dollars for an event up to 500, (you can get a better deal with an annual contract price).

Start Video offers flat rate desktop video and webconferencing with true telephone connectivity with toll audio included at no extra charges, plus VOIP audio available.

Unlimited Flat Rate Desktop Video, with toll audio (telephone) included,  plus unlimited VOIP audio.  Pay per minute option.

  • Up to 25 participants $39 per month
  • Up to 100 participants $85 per month
  • Up to 200 participants $160 per month
  • Up to 300 participants¬† $245 per month
  • Up to 500 participants – call us!

These options are flexible month to month with no annual agreement. You are not locked in. Great feature!

What We Like about Start Video

  • Similar to Adobe Connect, Start Video is built on Flash, which circumvents company firewall issues
  • Best Price for Webcasting and Webinars over 125 participants
  • No annual agreement, these options are flexible month to month, and you are not locked in. Great feature!
  • OUTLOOK integration with Start Video will push email invitations for your upcoming events with one click meeting access from your email message
  • Easy to use, flexible, simple interface
  • Event registration capability built into Start Video.

Start Video is supported with a free trial, training, operator support during your meetings and excellent customer service.



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