ON24 fits a specific niche in our web conferencing products in that it is primarily designed for Webcasting using Streaming Audio and Video. WebCasting is typically one-way, with limited viewer interaction, but its main advantage is that it can reach 1,000’s of viewers.

With Streaming Video and Audio, participants listen to the audio presentation through their computers speakers, and do not require a telephone connection. Click here to jump to a chart that reviews the differences between WebCasting and Web Conferencing.

Although Webcasting compromises on many collaborative features such as App Sharing and White Board annotation, the advantages of scalability to reach thousands make Webcasting an ideal solution if your intent is to broadcast your message to as many people as possible.

Top WebCasting Applications

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  • Sales and Marketing
  • Product Demos and Launches
  • Training and Marketing Webinars
  • Company-wide communications
  • Training seminars (webinars)
  • Investor Relations
  • Trade Shows

Why We Like ON24

We evaluated many webcasting solutions, and we feel that ON24 is the best choice to meet your Streaming Event requirements. If your Company is planning a large web broadcast event which demands excellent support and experienced event management to guarantee your presentation is executed perfectly, ON24 is an excellent choice. You can pre-record your webcast or host a live event for thousands. You can track your campaign, present many types of multimedia content, share documents, conduct polling, distribute event surveys, conduct interactive Q&A sessions with a simple intuitive interface.  You can Private Brand your web interface, registration page, and emails to project your company’s image to your audiences. Post-session reports will allow you to evaluate your event.  This is a complete pacakge for high-profile events.

Webcast Event Management and 24/7 Support

The ON24 Professional Services Team can assist with every aspect of event production from media capture and streaming media management, to event setup and live monitoring.

Your ON24 Webcast Event Manager will help you with planning / details / branding, and will also discuss with you Pre-Event Audience Generation strategies (such as using Salesforce.com), and Post-Event Reporting and follow up such as making available “On-Demand” viewing and Pay-Per-View options.

ON24 has experienced production professionals available worldwide to help you execute your events.

Fully Customizable – Make It Your Own

ON24’s Corporate Communications Solutions enable businesses to strengthen their brands and deliver engaging end-user experiences to audiences worldwide. With ON24, you can customize the color, fonts, layout and overall branding of an event to match your company’s preferences. You can also brand the web interface, registration page and emails. Use high-quality video or audio together with slides, Q&A, polling, and professional networking tools.

Global Reach

ON24 virtual events are delivered using Internet streaming.  Attendees are not required to dial into conferences or be bothered with pop-ups and software downloads. Simply click on a link, turn up the volume and attend an ON24 virtual event.

Proven Scalability and Reliability

ON24 manages the delivery of over 25,000 events per year. ON24 has made significant investments in its webcasting platform, including the deployment of completely redundant data centers to ensure the highest level of scalability and
reliability in the industry. ON24 partners with leading content delivery networks to provide the best possible performance for all users regardless of location or type of connection.

Webcasting Made Simple

ON24’s intuitive interface makes delivering and viewing presentations a no-brainer. No need for additional downloads. You can present any type of content, from PowerPoints, PDFs, or other resources, and easily control how your viewers interact with live or prerecorded presentations.

Standard Features

Optional Features

  • Live or prerecorded streaming
  • Event recording and playback
  • Long-term archiving
  • Expert consulting & project management
  • Attendee registration
  • Post-session reporting
  • Live event monitoring
  • Podcasting
  • Event surveys (polls / Q&A)
  • Custom registration
  • Campaign tracking
  • Advanced security
  • Custom branding

Present It, Save It

Missing an attendee? Need to show your presentation again? Following the event, we will host your recordings online for three months. Replay your archived event as many times as you like. You can also save your presentation as an MP3 podcast, flash clip or on a CD.

Get Feedback

Conduct a live poll. Distribute registration emails. Respond to an interactive Q&A. Push a URL to attendees. With ON24, you can customize your event to accommodate all your guests. Whatever format you prefer, you can get the valuable feedback you need.

Web Conferencing and Webcasting Compared

Web Conferencing Webinars (Webcasting)
Audience sizeup to 125up to thousands
PurposeCollaborative meetingsEvents or Presentations
AudioPhone (2 way audio)Streaming audio and integrated audio
Downloads RequiredSome platforms require a plug-in downloadNo download necessary
Interactive featuresExtensiveLess Extensive (PowerPoint Q&A / Polls / Surveys)
Video integrationWebcam (some offer multi webcams)Video of Presenter
SchedulingAd Hoc or scheduledScheduled
Cost modelLicensing or per participant feePer event fee, Licensing or per participant fee