Head to Head Comparisons

The Web Conferencing Store provides independent and unbiased feature comparisons of the top web conferencing solutions. Many people are looking for more specific side by side or “Head to Head” comparisons of internet collaboration solutions. On this page we provide a more in-depth review of one specific web conferencing solution versus another.

These comparisons are not in anyway influenced by any of the vendors of the Web Conferencing solutions reviewed. The Web Conferencing Store does not receive any remuneration for portraying the solutions in a certain way. These reviews are entirely our opinion based on years of experience using these products.

Also see our comprehensive “Feature Comparison” and other “Compare Solutions By” on our sidebar, which reviews and compares features all of the top Web Conferencing solutions.

Contender #1Contender #2The Winner is?
GlobalMeetClick here for Head to Head Comparison of GoToMeeting and GlobalMeet
Click here for Head to Head Comparison of WebEx and Adobe Connect