Why Buy Through Us?

The Web Conferencing Store can help you sort out which conferencing provider is best for you

Web Conferencing is a continually evolving technology presenting the users with a myraid of features to consider and a growing number of choices.  The Web Conferencing Store was created to help you narrow down the choices and make an intelligent decision for your organization. Included on this website are all the major and some of the best alternative conferencing providers available.

Added Support from The Web Conferencing Store

One of the key factors that we considered in developing this website is to only offer you choices where we are confident that you will get the best client support for the product you select.  In addition, the Web Conferencing Store will go to bat for our customers who have purchased a service on this website and need help to resolve issues with their service provider.

Wholesale Rates

We also make sure you get the best price for the product you need. Enterprise and large volume users will get the benefit of wholesale pricing through our wholesale channel.  That is an extra guarantee of service that we extend to all our loyal customers.

  • We can assist you in getting Wholesale Rates, lower rates than the standard rates standard rack rates you would normally get by calling  800# sales lines (see our Wholesale Rates Page)
  • We offer free Technical Support for both  Web and Audio together (both are required for Web Conferencing). If you deal direct through Adobe, WEBEX , or MLM they would charge extra for the audio service and support
  • We are Vendor Independent, No-Obligation, Web Conferencing Consultants that will always advise you of the best Web Conferencing solution to meet your companies requirements
  • Value Added Service – we offer an added guarantee to help resolve any service issues with any vendor you purchase service through our website.