Web Conferencing Benefits

10  Key Reasons your business needs Web Conferencing

    1. Less travel Time and Less Cost
      Busy professionals attend dozens of meetings each month.  However, most say they cannot attend all meetings to which they are invited due to the tremendous demands on their time. Think of the Time involved to prepare for; travel to; and attend a face to face meeting in a distant city. This meeting involving five people racks up over 50 hours of travel and meeting time.  Now consider this same five-person meeting via audio and web from their desktop PC (60 minute meeting) only 60 minutes of total meeting time and at a cost of under $75 total.


    1. Increase staff Productivity
      Office staff are reaching more people, getting more done, and spending less time in the process — all at a lower cost than ever before. With Web Conferencing  staff can deliver compelling presentations, and collaborate with their project team real-time using file share applications right from their desktop.


    1. Share and collaborate on projects
      Utilizing a simple, point-and-click interface, project managers are able to juggle documents in applications that range from MS Project, and Excel,  to PhotoShop and Acrobat — without downloads, without updating licenses, all in the security of an SSL encrypted environment.


    1. Sell Smarter
      Show prospects what you have to offer in a live web conference.  Keep them engaged with real-time web presentations.  Better than a phone call.  Faster and more cost effective than traveling to each prospect.  Sell smarter, not harder to reach your goals.


    1. Enlist your technical staff on an important sales call
      Your sales reps can leverage the expertise within your organization on a sales presentation by bringing in the technical manager and sales manager punctuated by visual aids to add power to the sales call.  You can even transfer sales documents to the client desktop real-time as you speak.


    1. Engage your audience with visual aids and interactive discussion
      Your invitees are able to view a synchronized presentation of Powerpoint slides, models, graphs and charts.  Moderators are able to gather feedback using integrated polling and survey functions and interactive Q&A sessions with your invitees.


    1. Instant Marketing Feedback
      Host virtual seminars, coordinate product launches, and conduct visual presentation’s all while you capture polling and survey results from your audiences in an instant. You even have the luxury of recording and archiving your efforts for future use.


    1. Invite Industry Experts for a Webinar Event.
      Many companies have successfully used high profile Webinars to gather blue chip leads. Targeted executive management groups are invited to attend a webinar event that is of special interest with recognized experts as guest speakers. Web Conferencing provides all the online tools to capture attendee information, conduct surveys and polls and get instant valuable feedback and exchange ideas with your audience.


    1. Inter-office training programs
      Instructors effortlessly serve up documents:  an Excel spreadsheet, a video in QuickTime, charts in Acrobat. With simple “point and click” commands, you’re able to prioritize questions from the field while serving up graphics, sharing applications, and conducting surveys from your web interface.


    1. Record and Archive your presentation
      Keep an online archive  on your own secured website of all your Webinar Events, training sessions,  internal meetings,etc.    Web Conferencing has the tools to instantly record and archive your important meetings and   presentations for all those who missed  the all-important meeting and for new staff to get up to speed.


The Web Conferencing Store can help you sort out which conferencing provider is best for you

Web Conferencing is a continually evolving technology presenting the users with a myraid of features to consider and a growing number of choices.  The Web Conferencing Store was created to help you narrow down the choices and make an intelligent decision for your organization. Included on this website are all the major and some of the best alternative conferencing providers available.

Added Support from The Web Conferencing Store

One of the key factors that we considered in developing this website is to only offer you choices where we are confident that you will get the best client support for the product you select.  In addition, the Web Conferencing Store will go to bat for our customers who have purchased a service on this website and need help to resolve issues with their service provider.  We also make sure you get the best price for the product you need. Enterprise and large volume users will get the benefit of wholesale pricing through our wholesale channel.  That is an extra guarantee of service that we extend to all our loyal customers.